Morgan Dawgs Elite Basketball
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Who We Are

Morgan Dawgs Elite basketball club exists to enrich our sport and community through motivated, responsible student athletes. Our coachs, players, and families work together to cultivate a consistent and supportive environment so that every player can develop their skills and reach their full potential in the game of basketball and, more importantly, in life.

Our vision is to build student athletes who love the game, are academically sound, loving in their families, and strong in their community that will have the opportunity to compete at the next level.

Our mission is to be a successful 6th-12th grade fundamental basketball program by placing in the top three teams of every tournament while staying true to our guiding principles.

Morgan Dawgs Elite Basketball provides a program format which develops players through team practice, skills training, and tournament play. Players can look forward to competing in local tournaments and travel opportunities will be made available for each level of play.

Our players are the heart and soul of our organization. We believe in nurturing their talent, empowering them to reach their full potential, and instilling values that extend beyond the game. Through mentorship and support, we strive to shape them into not only exceptional athletes but also remarkable individuals.

Furthermore, we strongly believe in the power of community. We recognize the importance of giving back, and thus actively engage with our local communities. By organizing youth clinics, charity events, and community service initiatives, we aim to create a positive impact and inspire the next generation of athletes.

Our valued partners play a vital role in our journey towards excellence. We forge strategic alliances with businesses and organizations that share our vision and values. Together, we work collaboratively to achieve mutual success, leveraging our collective strengths and resources.

Morgan Dawgs' commitment to excellence extends far beyond the basketball court. Our guiding principles revolve around our players, communities, and partners, shaping every aspect of our organization. With a firm belief in developing outstanding athletes, fostering community engagement, and building strong alliances, we strive to make a difference on and off the court.

Coach Morgan, a former high school and college athlete himself, has achieved remarkable success throughout his personal and coaching career. Four of Coach Morgan's children have gone on to play sports in college, a testament to their hard work and the guidance provided by their father and his teams have clinched state titles and championships in basketball, football, and track and field.

Coach Morgan's journey from being an athlete himself to coaching his own children and leading teams to victory showcases his exceptional leadership skills and dedication to the sport.

High School Network

Morgan Dawgs brings together a diverse range of athletes from all over the metro Denver area, including these great schools:

  • Arvada West High School
  • Brighton High School
  • Cherry Creek High School
  • DSST: Cedar
  • DSST: Conservatory Green
  • Eaglecrest High School
  • Faith Christian Academy
  • Far Northeast High School
  • Green Mountain High School
  • Legacy High School
  • Mountain Range High School
  • Regis Jesuit High School
  • Riverdale Ridge High School

College Prep

Coach Morgan actively works to establish relationships and foster dialogue with coaches, scouts, and directors of player development all over the country. By actively engaging with college programs from all divisions, we ensure that our athletes have access to a wide range of opportunities. Whether it be Division I powerhouses, Division II programs, or Division III institutions known for their strong academics, our athletes can find the perfect fit for their athletic and educational goals.

Through these relationships, our athletes gain valuable insights into the college recruiting process, scholarships, and the specific requirements of different programs. Coach Morgan's commitment to establishing dialogue further allows our athletes to engage in meaningful conversations with college coaches, enabling them to make informed decisions and chart their path to success.

Coach Morgan's dedication to building relationships with college programs is a testament to our organization's commitment to our athletes' long-term success. We believe that this initiative will continue to yield positive results, as our athletes thrive in their chosen college environments and make significant contributions both on and off the field.

  • Adams State University
  • Bishop State Community College
  • College of the Holy Cross
  • Colorado State University Pueblo 
  • Fort Lewis College
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Lamar Community College
  • Laramie County Community College
  • Rocky Mountain College
  • Sterling Junior College
  • South Dakota
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • University of Denver
  • University of Northern Colorado

The Morgan Dawgs' excellence transcends the basketball court. Our unwavering commitment to our guiding principles is evident in everything we do, from our players and community to our valued partners.

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We believe in:

  • Building confidence
  • Growing as a team
  • Playing with integrity
  • Respecting our opponents and officials
  • Being gracious in victory and defeat
  • Serving others 

We are:

  • Student athletes
  • High peformers
  • Proven winners
  • More than basketball
  • All in
  • Morgan Dawgs

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