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Morgan Dawgs Elite Basketball is an AAU youth basketball program based in Denver, Colorado. We are an approved nonprofit 501c3 organization governed by a board of directors.

At Morgan Dawgs, our basketball program caters to student athletes from 5th to 12th grade. Unlike some programs, we are not affiliated with any specific school or feeder program, allowing us to bring together a diverse range of athletes from all over the metro Denver area. This inclusivity fosters a dynamic and competitive environment that pushes our players to grow and excel.

Starting with our youngest team, the Morgan Dawgs Pups, we focus on developing fundamental skills and a love for the game. Comprised of 5th-6th graders, this team competes in a 3x3 format which provides more opportunities for growth and development. By playing both offense and defense, players learn the importance of communication and teamwork, while the open space encourages them to master the art of setting and using screens. With more playing time, reps, and ball touches, these young athletes are able to improve their shooting, dribbling, passing, and defensive skills. The Pups compete in a competitive league through Gold Crown Foundation, plus tournaments through Gold Crown, iHoop Nation, Just Play Sports, and others.

As our players progress to 7th and 8th grade, they join the Morgan Dawgs Elite 8 team. Here, the focus shifts towards building confidence, honing skills, and developing speed and strength. These players compete in two local leagues, Gold Crown Foundation and iHoop Nation throughout the year and occasionally travel and compete in tournaments outside of Colorado. By exposing them to different levels of competition, we ensure that they are well-prepared for the challenges of high school basketball.

Finally, our Morgan Dawgs Elite High School team takes on the most competitive level of play. Historically competing as a single U17 team, our desire is to expand to include two teams, U15 and U17. This expansion allows us to provide more opportunities for growth and development to a wider range of athletes. Our high school teams participate in numerous local tournaments, but also travel and compete nationally in tournaments hosted by circuits like Jam On It, Mid America Youth Basketball, Prep Hoops, and Recruit Look. By playing in high-profile tournaments and showcases, our players gain exposure to colleges and universities, increasing their chances of being recruited and potentially receiving athletic scholarship offers.

The Morgan Dawgs Elite basketball program, led by Coach Morgan, is committed to providing a platform for student athletes to thrive! Our focus on mentorship, skill development, and exposure to high-level competition sets us apart from other programs. We offer a comprehensive pathway for players to develop their skills and reach their goals. Coach Morgan understands the importance of being an advocate for his players, and he goes above and beyond to ensure that they have the support they need to excel both on and off the court. Through his guidance and mentorship, our players develop not only their basketball skills but also their character and work ethic. We are proud to be a part of the journey towards success for our student athletes and look forward to their continued growth and achievements.

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Head Coach & Director of Basketball